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Maternal morbidity is higher for women giving birth with covid 19. Presence of pre-existing pathologies was associated with higher odds of using mechanical ventilation or of death in hospital.

APA Jering, K. S., Claggett, B. L., Cunningham, J. W., Rosenthal, N., Vardeny, O., Greene, M. F., & Solomon, S. D. (2021)

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Hospitalized Women Giving Birth With and Without COVID-19  Display this record
➡ premature baby ; public health ; interventions during childbirth ; maternal health ; eclampsia (pre-) ; perinatal death rates ; maternal death rate ; CoVID-19



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In this report, we confront the actual running of maternity service bound by medical performance to the motives for dissatisfaction as articulated by the women.

René Charles Rudigoz, Jacques Milliez, Yves Ville, Gilles Crepin, rapporteurs (2018)

De la bientraitance en obstétrique. La réalité du fonctionnement des maternités. Rapport de l’Académie nationale de médecine, séance du 18 septembre.  Display this record
➡ attendance ; c-section/caesarean ; survey ; public health ; obstetric and gynecologic violence obstetric violence, obstetrical violence ; induction of labor ; deontology ; informed consent ; episiotomy ; instrumental delivery ; active management of labor ; oxytocin ; perinatal death rates ; maternal death rate


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Quel rôle a l’hôpital dans la sécurité des accouchements ? La diminution de la mortalité ainsi que le déplacement des accouchements en milieu hospitalier ont-ils un lien de causalité ou est-ce seulement une association de faits ?

Eileen K. Hutton (2016)

The Safety of Home Birth, The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 331–336  Display this record
➡ place of birth ; homebirth ; planned homebirth ; maternal death rate ; perinatal death rates



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Knowledge of mortality ratios and the causes of maternal deaths has been a determining factor in the development of strategies to combat maternal mortality in the West. Today, this prerequisite for political mobilisation is not realistic in the majority of developing countries, particularly Burkina Faso. It is therefore not possible to do without this indicator to stimulate political mobilisation, the involvement of planners or that of health professionals.

Deogratias Buzingo (2014)

Analyse des Facteurs/Determinants Socioculturels et contextuels des risques de morbidité et mortalité maternelles au Burundi : Essai de cartographie régionale. Department of Mathematics, 74p.  Display this record
➡ public health ; maternal health ; maternal death rate


This study is a secondary analysis of existing data sources from the World Bank, the World Health Organization  more……


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Closure of the quality gap through the provision of effective care for all women and newborn babies delivering in facilities could prevent an estimated 113,000 maternal deaths, 531,000 stillbirths, and 1·325 million neonatal deaths annually by 2020 at an estimated running cost of US$4·5 billion per year (US$0·9 per person)

Bhutta ZA, Das JK, Bahl R, Lawn JE, Salam RA, Paul VK, Sankar MJ, Blencowe H, Rizvi A, Chou VB, Walker N (2014)

Can available interventions end preventable deaths in mothers, newborn babies, and stillbirths, and at what cost? Lancet. 2014 Jul 26;384(9940):347-70  Display this record
➡ survey ; guidelines ; public health ; stillbirth ; maternal death rate ; perinatal death rates ; informed consent




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There is insufficient evidence to support any particular analgesic agent or method as most effective in providing pain relief for forceps delivery. Neonatal outcomes have largely not been evaluated.

Payam Nikpoor, Emily Bain (2013)

Analgesia for forceps delivery. Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group  Display this record
➡ pain ; forceps delivery ; pain medication ; epidural ; risk of litigation ; maternal death rate




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Aging populations, overcrowding in hospitals, shortage of human, material and technical resources are forcing the players in the hospital system to rethink the organization and production of care. At a time when the demand for health care is gradually exceeding supply, mechanisms facilitating access to care should be reconsidered.

Thibaud Monteiro, Evens Emmanuel, Norly Germain, Nidhal Rezg (2010)

Dimensionnement Par Simulation D’Une Structure De Prise en Charge De La Maternite a Domicile. Conférence Internationale de MOdélisation et SIMulation - MOSIM’10 - 10 au 12 mai 2010 - Hammamet - Tunisie  Display this record
➡ guidelines ; public health ; maternal death rate ; neonatal mortality ; planned homebirth



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Triplet pregnancies lead to high morbidity, in this case 100% caesarean section between 30 and 34 weeks and a record postpartum haemorrhage rate (25%).

Zanconato G, Poggi S, Ruffo R, Gazzoni A, Padovani EM, Franchi M. (2005)

Antepartum management and neonatal outcome of triplet pregnancies. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 271(4): 320-324.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; c-section/caesarean ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; premature baby ; guidelines ; maternal age ; postpartum hemorrhage ; eclampsia (pre-) ; low birth weight ; multiple pregnancy ; maternal death rate ; IVF in vitro fertilisation ; informed consent



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En dépit des faibles taux de mortalité en Europe, les différences entre les pays traduisent la qualité des soins apportés via leur cause, le moment de la mort et l’age maternel.

Wildman K, Bouvier-Colle MH; MOMS Group. (2004)

Maternal mortality as an indicator of obstetric care in Europe. BJOG, 111(2):164-9.  Display this record
➡ evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; public health ; maternal age ; morbidity ; maternal death rate ; perinatal death rates




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L’accouchement post-terme est associé à une nette augmentation des complications materno-foetales au Danemark entre entre 1978 et 1993.

Annette W. Olesen, MD,a,bJes G. Westergaard, Dr MSci,aand Jorn Olsen, PhD (2003)

Perinatal and maternal complications related to postterm delivery: A national register-based study, 1978-1993. Am J Obstet Gynecol, Volume 189, Number 1: 222-227.  Display this record
➡ post-term pregnancy ; morbidity ; maternal death rate ; perinatal death rates




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Mortalité maternelle : les complications obstétricales évitables Journal de Gynécologie Obstétrique et Biologie de la Reproduction Vol 30, N° SUP 6 - octobre 2001 pp. 232-  Display this record
➡ infections ; prevention ; eclampsia (pre-) ; postpartum hemorrhage ; maternal death rate

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