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Although the different components of motherhood coincide and are embodied in one and the same woman in the vast majority of cases, the practices of surrogacy (GPA) and egg donation come to upset this unified vision of “the“ mother, inviting up to three women in an unprecedented childbirth triad: an intended mother, a surrogate woman and an egg donor.

Kevin Lavoie (2019)

Médiation procréative et maternités assistées : vers une approche relationnelle et pragmatique de la gestation pour autrui et du don d’ovules au Canada. Thèse de doctorat. Faculté des arts et des sciences, Université de Montréal.  Display this record
➡ survey ; ethics ; history, sociology ; public health ; surrogacy



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The purpose of our investigation is to understand, through the discourse of the “intended parents” who will raise the child and the “gestational mothers” who carried for others, the experience of surrogacy.

Hélène Malmanche (2014)

La maternité déployée. Du “don de gestation“ au don d’enfantement. Mémoire master 2 sociologie. Co-habilitation Paris XIII/EHESS  Display this record
➡ survey ; history, sociology ; experience of pregnancy ; surrogacy



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This article aims to understand surrogacy from the perspective of access to origins and to highlight the difficulties and questions likely to arise during the search for one’s origins by a/adult child born through this particular method.

Géraldine Mathieu (2013)

La recherche des origines appliquée à la pratique de la gestation pour autrui. Bulletin mensuel du SSI/CIR n° 174  Display this record
➡ law ; ethics ; surrogacy



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Surrogate motherhood arrangements have increased in recent years and yet the practice remains controversial. The present paper evaluates the limited available research evidence.

Edelmann RJ. (2004)

Surrogacy: the psychological issues. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 2004;22(2):123-136.  Display this record
➡ psychology ; surrogacy




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