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Although these results should be interpreted cautiously, induction of labour ought to be offered to women no later than at 41 weeks and could be one (of few) interventions that reduces the rate of stillbirths.

Ulla-Britt Wennerholm, Sissel Saltvedt, Anna Wessberg, Mårten Alkmark, Christina Bergh, Sophia Brismar Wendel, Helena Fadl, Maria Jonsson, Lars Ladfors, Verena Sengpiel, Jan Wesström, Göran Wennergren, Anna-Karin Wikström, Helen Elden, Olof Stephansson, Henrik Hagberg (2019)

Induction of labour at 41 weeks versus expectant management and induction of labour at 42 weeks (SWEdish Post-term Induction Study, SWEPIS): multicentre, open label, randomised, superiority trial. BMJ 2019;367:l6131  Display this record
➡ guidelines ; baby’s health ; induction of labor ; neonatal mortality



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In Sweden, the incidence of recurrent pregnancy loss increased by 58% over a 10-year period, 2003-2012.

Emma Rasmark Roepke, Leif Matthiesen, Rebecca Rylance, Ole Bjarne Christiansen (2017)

Is the incidence of recurrent pregnancy loss increasing? A retrospective register‐based study in Sweden. AOGS, 96, 11: 1365-1372  Display this record
➡ survey ; miscarriage ; neonatal mortality




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Aging populations, overcrowding in hospitals, shortage of human, material and technical resources are forcing the players in the hospital system to rethink the organization and production of care. At a time when the demand for health care is gradually exceeding supply, mechanisms facilitating access to care should be reconsidered.

Thibaud Monteiro, Evens Emmanuel, Norly Germain, Nidhal Rezg (2010)

Dimensionnement Par Simulation D’Une Structure De Prise en Charge De La Maternite a Domicile. Conférence Internationale de MOdélisation et SIMulation - MOSIM’10 - 10 au 12 mai 2010 - Hammamet - Tunisie  Display this record
➡ guidelines ; public health ; maternal death rate ; neonatal mortality ; planned homebirth



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