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Triplet pregnancies lead to high morbidity, in this case 100% caesarean section between 30 and 34 weeks and a record postpartum haemorrhage rate (25%).

Zanconato G, Poggi S, Ruffo R, Gazzoni A, Padovani EM, Franchi M. (2005)

Antepartum management and neonatal outcome of triplet pregnancies. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 271(4): 320-324.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; c-section/caesarean ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; premature baby ; guidelines ; maternal age ; postpartum hemorrhage ; eclampsia (pre-) ; low birth weight ; multiple pregnancy ; maternal death rate ; IVF in vitro fertilisation ; informed consent



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Serial transvaginal ultrasound surveillance of cervical length in women at high risk of preterm delivery appears to reduce cerclage rates without compromising pregnancy outcome.

Katie M. Groom, Phillip R. Bennetta, Monali Golara, Angeli Thalon, Andrew H. Shennan (2004)

Elective cervical cerclage versus serial ultrasound surveillance of cervical length in a population at high risk for preterm delivery. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology. Volume 112, Issue 2, 10 February 2004, Pages 158-161  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; premature baby ; guidelines ; morbidity ; informed consent




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The insertion of a Shirodkar suture in women with a short cervix does not substantially reduce the risk of early preterm delivery.

Meekai S To, Prof Zarko Alfirevic, Victoria CF Heath, Simona Cicero, Ana Maria Cacho, Paula R Williamson, Prof Kypros H Nicolaides, MRCOG (2004)

Cervical cerclage for prevention of preterm delivery in women with short cervix: randomised controlled trial. The Lancet 2004;363(9424):1849-53.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; premature baby ; guidelines ; morbidity ; informed consent



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Simultaneous intraoperative ultrasonography and uterine vessel transillumination simplified suture placement during abdominal cerclage, and reduced the amount of dissection and bleeding.

Olatunbosun O, Turnell R, Pierson R. (2003)

Transvaginal sonography and fiberoptic illumination of uterine vessels for abdominal cervicoisthmic cerclage. Obstetrics & Gynecology 2004;102(5):1130-1133.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; premature baby ; guidelines ; morbidity ; informed consent




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The length of the cervix below the level of cerclage is not related to duration of pregnancy in women treated with cerclage because of ultrasound evidence of cervical effacement.

Rust OA, Atlas RO, Meyn J, Wells M, Kimmel S. (2003)

Does cerclage location influence perinatal outcome? American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2003;189(6):1688-1691.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; premature baby ; guidelines ; ultrasound scanning ; dilation ; informed consent



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The available evidence does not support cerclage for a sonographically detected short cervix.

Belej-Rak T, Okun N, Windrim R, Ross S, Hannah ME. (2003)

Effectiveness of cervical cerclage for a sonographically shortened cervix: A systematic review and meta-analysis. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2003;189(6):1679-1687.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; premature baby ; guidelines ; maternal age ; screening ; ultrasound scanning ; morbidity ; perinatal death rates ; informed consent




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