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Thinking our medicine, if not also “curing“ it, by becoming aware of our dark sides and the possible drifts that result from it, will surely help us to get rid of it, in order to maintain and renew a happy exercise nourishing life, sometimes even in death.

Marine Garouna (2019)

L’accouchement à domicile : étude qualitative des motivations et représentations auprès de dix couples ; attentes vis-à-vis du médecin généraliste. Thèse de doctorat de médecine. Sorbonne Université  Display this record
➡ ethics ; psychology ; birth plan ; planned homebirth


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Obstetrics is deeply misogynistic. It considers women to be weak, sick, dangerous, with bodies unsuitable for giving birth to children. Therefore, childbirth remains one of the last bastions of male domination.

Marie-Hélène Lahaye (2018)

Accouchement - Les femmes méritent mieux. Ed. Michalon. ISBN : 978-2-84186-876-6  Display this record
➡ history, sociology ; guidelines ; psychology ; public health ; iatrogeny ; obstetric and gynecologic violence obstetric violence, obstetrical violence ; birth plan ; deontology ; informed consent ; post-traumatic stress


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This guideline covers the care of healthy women and their babies, during labour and immediately after the birth.

NICE (2017)

Intrapartum care for healthy women and babies Clinical guideline [CG190] Published date: December 2014 Last updated: February 2017  Display this record
➡ survey ; place of birth ; public health ; birth plan ; informed consent



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Gynecological and obstetric abuse: freeing women’s voices

Mélanie Déchalotte (2017)

Le livre noir de la gynécologie. Ed. First. ISBN : 9782754090285  Display this record
➡ history, sociology ; guidelines ; psychology ; public health ; iatrogeny ; obstetric and gynecologic violence obstetric violence, obstetrical violence ; birth plan ; deontology ; informed consent ; post-traumatic stress ; abortion


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The results suggest that women’s subjective birth experiences are the most important factor in the development of post-traumatic stress symptoms following childbirth.

Garthus-Niegel, S., von Soest, T., Vollrath, M. E., & Eberhard-Gran, M. (2013)

The impact of subjective birth experiences on post-traumatic stress symptoms: a longitudinal study. Archives of women’s mental health, 16(1), 1-10.  Display this record
➡ evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; obstetric and gynecologic violence obstetric violence, obstetrical violence ; psychology ; public health ; traumatism ; post-traumatic stress ; guidelines ; birth plan ; deontology ; informed consent


This study used structural equation modelling to examine associations between qualitative categories  more………


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Geraldine O’Sullivan, Bing Liu,Darren Hart, Paul Seed, Andrew Shennan (2009)

Effect of food intake during labour on obstetric outcome: randomised controlled trial  Display this record
➡ c-section/caesarean ; duration of labour ; guidelines ; instrumental delivery ; diet/nutrition ; birth plan ; informed consent ; dilation



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Clinicians write and talk about the ideal of evidence-based obstetrics, but do not practice it consistently, if at all.

(Journal compilation) (2006)

Why Do Women Go Along with This Stuff? Roundtable discussion, part 2. BIRTH 33:3 September 2006, p. 245-250  Display this record
➡ c-section/caesarean ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; physiology ; position during labor ; obstetric and gynecologic violence obstetric violence, obstetrical violence ; induction of labor ; post-term pregnancy ; episiotomy ; epidural ; risk of litigation ; birth plan ; deontology ; informed consent




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Mary L. Koehn (2002)

Childbirth Education Outcomes: An Integrative Review of the Literature. J Perinat Educ. 2002 Summer; 11(3): 10–19.  Display this record
➡ survey ; psychology ; birth attendant ; doula ; deontology ; birth plan ; informed consent




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Jones MH, Barik S et al. (1998)

Do birth plans adversely affect the outcome of labour? British Journal of Midwifery, January 1998, Vol 6, No 1, p.38-41.  Display this record
➡ law ; birth plan ; informed consent ; duration of labour ; physiology ; instrumental delivery ; active management of labor




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