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Assisted conceptions are at increased risk of developing maternal and fetal complications – many of which may be underappreciated or indeed overappreciated by those who go on to look after pregnant women.

Alison Richardson Myles Taylor Joo P. Teoh Tulay Karasu (2019)

Antenatal management of singleton pregnancies conceived using assisted reproductive technology. Obstetrics & Gynecology.  Display this record
➡ premature baby ; public health ; iatrogeny ; maternal health ; baby’s health ; IVF in vitro fertilisation




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Waist circumference was inversely related to the probability of live birth among women undergoing assisted reproductive technology independently of BMI.

Li, Ming-Chieh ; Mínguez-Alarcón, Lidia ; Arvizu, Mariel ; Chiu, Yu-Han ; Ford, Jennifer B. ; Williams, Paige L. ; Attaman, Jill ; Hauser, Russ ; Chavarro, Jorge E. (2019)

Waist circumference in relation to outcomes of infertility treatment with assisted reproductive technologies - American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology - Vol. 0, 0 - ISBN: 0002-9378, 1097-6868  Display this record
➡ maternal weight ; IVF in vitro fertilisation



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Assisted conception for all women might be a puzzle for lawyers.

Laurence Marion (2018)

PMA pour toutes : casse-tête pour les juristes. Interview (vidéo) de Laurence Marion, Conseillère d’État et rapporteur général du groupe de travail sur la bioéthique du Conseil d’Etat. Journal International de Médecine, 28 juillet.  Display this record
➡ law ; IVF in vitro fertilisation


Chapitres : // Quelle est la situation juridique actuelle de la PMA ? - 00:07 // Cet état  more……


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This thesis aims to question the symbolic leap of conceptual representations associated with gametes caused by the development of biomedical technologies related to procreation.

Pauline Lefebvre (2016)

Le statut des gamètes dans la Procréation Médicalement Assistée. Travail réalisé dans le cadre du Master 2 Philosophie, éthique et gestion des risques relatifs au vivant, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès.  Display this record
➡ ethics ; history, sociology ; public health ; IVF in vitro fertilisation



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Triplet pregnancies lead to high morbidity, in this case 100% caesarean section between 30 and 34 weeks and a record postpartum haemorrhage rate (25%).

Zanconato G, Poggi S, Ruffo R, Gazzoni A, Padovani EM, Franchi M. (2005)

Antepartum management and neonatal outcome of triplet pregnancies. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 271(4): 320-324.  Display this record
➡ cerclage ; c-section/caesarean ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; premature baby ; guidelines ; maternal age ; postpartum hemorrhage ; eclampsia (pre-) ; low birth weight ; multiple pregnancy ; maternal death rate ; IVF in vitro fertilisation ; informed consent



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IVF and “epidemic“ of multiple gestations

Templeton A. (2004)

The multiple gestation epidemic: the role of the assisted reproductive technologies. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2004;190(4):894-898.  Display this record
➡ public health ; multiple pregnancy ; IVF in vitro fertilisation




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van den Akker O. (2004)

Inconceivable Conceptions: Psychological Aspects of Infertility and Reproductive Technology. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 2004;22(2).137-140.  Display this record
➡ assisted conception assisted reproductive technology ; IVF in vitro fertilisation ; psychology




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Singleton pregnancies from assisted reproduction have a significantly worse perinatal outcome than non-assisted singleton pregnancies, but this is less so for twin pregnancies.

Helmerhorst FM, Perquin DAM, Donker D, Keirse MJNC. (2004)

Perinatal outcome of singletons and twins after assisted conception: a systematic review of controlled studies. Revue. The British Medical Journal 2004;328:261.  Display this record
➡ c-section/caesarean ; evidence-based medicine/midwifery ; premature baby ; multiple pregnancy ; perinatal death rates ; IVF in vitro fertilisation



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It is important for healthcare providers to pay attention to an elevated anxiety among IVF couples and to give them extra time to discuss emotions during pregnancy and their future life as parents.

Hjelmstedt A, Widström A-M, Wramsby H, Collins A (2003)

Patterns of emotional responses to pregnancy, experience of pregnancy and attitudes to parenthood among IVF couples: a longitudinal study. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology 2003;24(3):?.  Display this record
➡ depression, anxiety ; psychology ; IVF in vitro fertilisation




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